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What are you wearing?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

A runners best weapon in the defense of injuries is the type of shoe they train in. 

The impact forces that are placed through your body can be 3-5 times your weight whilst running, so its important to be wearing the correct footwear! 

It is difficult to assess the type of shoe you should be by simply standing, so don’t let anyone tell you what shoe you should be in, without them watching you walk or run. 

Your foot will naturally strike the ground on the outside edge, roll through your mid-foot and arch, and push off through your big toe, this is known as a neutral gait. The extent in which you pronate will determine what shoe you need to wear. Pronation is a natural movement of the foot and helps with impact absorption. However, if there is increased flexibility or weakness in the foot, there will be limited control. This will cause the foot to roll in too much. This is known as overpronation and can be seen during a gait analysis (someone watching you walk from behind). If you over pronate, you will need a support shoe. The opposite can occur too, by landing on the outside of your foot, rolling the outer edge and pushing off through 3-5th toes. This is known as supination. If you have a neutral gait or have an element of supination, you would be best suited to a neutral shoe. 

There’s no way of figuring this out alone, or searching online. The best way to check what shoe you need is by popping down to your local running store and get them to check you out!

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